3D BIM Modelling

The increasing number of 2D drawings for each floor and frequent upgradation of drawings by various departments of AEC add to the confusion.

Question arises how to simulate the real facilities & drawing components in a virtual space for quick and easy execution.

The answer lies in 3D BIM models which we will provide and bring your projects to live. The visualization of your projects would be detailed and aesthetic. Such inefficacies and mistakes during the construction phase would be avoided and lead to cost-saving in delays that may have happened in the conventional approach.


Clash Detection

A construction project comprising of diverse services is bound to meet with some form of conflicts in its life cycle.

In traditional construction practices it is very difficult to identify the clashes between different parties associated with a project.

It saves time in construction, any halts in execution, expenses and our clients are free from any financial or project related risks.


Level of Development (LOD)

Level of development (LOD) is an industry standard that defines various development stages of the construction projects in BIM.


4D BIM Modelling

In BIM process, 4D modelling means that time scheduling data is associated with project information model.

Vast information is included in time information models such as information on critical path, sequencing of procuring materials, installation and execution, dependencies on other trades of project and so on.

This will help in powerful visualization of the construction process, improved construction planning, reduced error and cost, logistics management, site space management, monitoring and tracking site progress.



The ability of BIM process to link cost estimates to 3D models leads to project budget estimation and construction cost control. These cost information models are termed as 5D models.

We comprise of a whole team of quantity and cost estimators whose focus is to provide our clients with accurate cost efficient and optimized 5D models. Also update the models with any real time changes to quantity take offs as per design modifications.



6D Modelling

Green building evaluation system is to assess building design result according to the government requirements, including building energy consumption analysis, indoor natural ventilation, sound environment analysis, internal and external airflow simulation, lighting analysis, crowd flow analysis and the other related building performance evaluation.

We use the BIM tool combined with professional building system analysis software and verify energy efficiency according to design regulations and sustainable standards


7D Modelling

A project’s operation and maintenance management require a whole facilities control system. Traditional building construction information includes various contractors or suppliers. Large manual recording in the early operation period often leads to data errors.


Our focus is to make our clients better understand the whole-life cost of assets and help them to make better decisions in terms of both cost and sustainability.


Architectural Services

These services include creating accurate 3D models which visually showcases the final product from architecture point of view. Our team of architects and engineers understand our client needs and work with them from schematic design stage to design development and construction phase, thus, present them with aesthetic 3D final products helping our clients to make quicker design decisions.


Structural Services

We provide Structural BIM Modeling services in coordination with the existing structural designs, analysis and calculations for vast range of projects of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, skyscrapers & high-rise buildings, infrastructure related to steel, composite materials, reinforced concrete, post-tensioning, pre-stressing and masonry structures.


MEP Services

One of the major portion of any project is the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) services required. 2D MEP drawings are often messy and confusing as many components are shown on plan and elevation drawings. First, required quality checks are made to create final 3D model which is compliant of all the applicable HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing building codes.


Then, detailed and precise MEP Shop Drawings are provided which can be extracted from our BIM models and provide information for installing MEP components on site. Thus, improving the overall efficiency and quality of the project. We also provide high-quality MEP BIM Coordination and Clash Detection Services which can be utilized to identify any issues and resolve them during the design phase itself.


Infrastructure Services

Transitioning BIM into the domain of infrastructure projects has its own challenges and complications.

With our experienced and skilled engineers in infrastructure sector, we are committed to present our clients with Infrastructure projects modelling as per requirements.



Augmented Reality

AR & VR services can be used to project large amounts of data in real-time and provide asset visualization supported by BIM and 3D design methodologies.

Changing finishing, color scheme and furniture on the spot and being able to walkthrough space, seeing these changes will help the prospective buyers to visualize their perfect setting for their dream home.

Professional Designers and Construction experts can discuss the construction methods, solve the problem and manage construction site with the help of VR from their offices.


BIM Project Training

We offer BIM training, workshops, assistance and consulting services to other AEC industry professionals.

We also conduct workshops, seminars for colleges and universities for students.

With such industry oriented training programs, BIM processes could be efficiently utilised with full potential.

It will increase the awareness about BIM to the professionals.